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Aerial photography of the burning and scorched dry fields. Dry grass burns in the reserve.

Nation-states need to become

environmental realists if they

want to survive the 21st century.


The rules for maximizing power and

security are changing. The Earth has

limits. Nations are now experiencing

these limits, both at home -- with air, soil,

water, and biodiversity crises building

alongside all their domestic social

and political impacts -- and abroad --

with increased regional and global

conflict drivers spreading as the global

environment declines and changes.

Nations cannot indefinitely degrade,

contaminate, and "vanish" natural

landscapes and other species if we

do not want to vanish ourselves.

Nation-states have yet to recognize

the relevance of this fact for their own

realist approaches to attaining and

maintaining basic levels of power and

internal and external security. States

are still stuck in old habits of seeing

only traditional economic & military

questions as rising to the level of

national security imperatives. The 21st

century's environmental realities

mean it's time for these old assumptions

to quickly change.

Our Founder was in Dubai to attend COP28.


Our Founder has been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University in Environmental History and Public

Policy from 2024 - 2026. She will be carrying out in-depth

research on environmental realism and other forms of political biocentrism. She will look to identify case studies in

contemporary policy and international affairs, as well as in

the past, where nations could benefit or have benefited from implementing this frame of reference for the exercise of power.


GMG was at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in

New York 19 - 20 September 2022.

GMG presented at the 1st-ever Africa Protected Areas Congress, Kigali, Rwanda, 21 July 2022. Our founder presented a side

event, "Redefining environmental intelligence." If you would like

a copy of the presentation, please reach out via our Contact


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