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Gaia Morgan Group is a boutique not-for-profit strategic environmental intelligence consultancy providing tailored support to governments at the executive level.

We understand the way governments work, and the chaotic flow of issues, problems, and opportunities they face on a daily basis. Yet we also assess that nation-states can and must shift in the 21st century to thinking in terms of environmental realism and greater biocentrism in their understanding of which decisions and courses of action realistically remain open to them, across all policy domains.

Gaia Morgan Group combines adapted intelligence approaches, pragmatic sensitivity to realities on the ground in our clients' states and among their various constituencies, and direct all-source assessments of environmental conditions on the ground and in the air and waterways, to craft a biocentric environmental realist security perspective for leaders.

We provide short, digestible, in-person weekly strategic environmental intelligence briefings. Our reports are written in language leaders can readily mesh with their existing needs to ensure basic domestic national and regional/global security minimums are met for their people, both now and into the indefinite future.

Policy remains the purview of the state's leadership. Our service provides only reporting and analysis regarding environmental issues facing the state and the security and power implications these hold, and the various levels of causes driving them -- causes which usually come essentially from one or more states' practice of BAU, but which sometimes also have multiple layers of causes.


(If states wish to also set up a policy advisory function, GMG can work with them to facilitate this function as well, though it will be kept separate from the basic intelligence briefings, which will remain policy-neutral, in order to  maximize their objectivity.)


GMG aims to be a partner in thinking through the paradoxes and difficulties which biocentrism and environmental realism will at first present for the state. Every state will have to work through these puzzles in order to get to a more livable and secure future; there is no state which will get a free pass from nature.

Our founder, her team, and her board of advisors have field and executive-level experience in intelligence and national security, as well as academic experience in a range of disciplines from environmental philosophy to human decision-making.

We contract with governments to stay for one year, and can also offer training for local permanent replacements for ourselves toward the end of the contract if the state has deemed our products something they would like to see permanently instated and integrated into their routine information flows.

We can also design short-term or specialized consultancies and work with you to tailor our products in other ways according to your most urgent issue priorities, including, for example, assisting in incorporating national security and geopolitical elements and reasoning into your efforts to craft and successfully implement an ambitious NBSAP for your country in line with the KMGBF and the CBD.

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